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Perfect Roger

Parallel lives, and then some...

Roger Collins and Han Sen, one bought up in the Surrey stockbroker belt of 1970's England, the other amid the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime in deepest Cambodia.
If they were inadvertently thrown together in catastrophic circumstances, would they learn from one another? Or would they simply carry on as the entitled Englishman and the selfless Buddhist.
Find out in this epic contrasting tale packed full of moral and cultural conundrums.



January 2017

The story of our selectively-mute unexploded teenage love-bomb from the Isle of Skye. He's so good at boxing that an East End villain and an oligarch from Vladivostock both want to sign him up.

While they do battle, Hugo has different ideas. Will sport win out, will Hugo get the girl promoter, despite the fact she is gay? Will the hapless Met police arrest the right person? It's anybody's guess in this calamitous caper of a crime comedy from the acclaimed author of Perfect Roger.


Honda Turner

Coventry, Hamamatsu and beyond

Honda and Triumph. The story of the men and the women behind two great names of motorcycling from 1903 to 1972. 

Edward Turner, Soichiro Honda and all the people around these two men that contributed to the rise, in the case of Honda, and fall, in the case of the British Motorcycle industry.

You may think you know the reasons behind success and failure, but this fact-based account tells the real story in personal technicolor with unexpurgated detail and a conclusion that may change your mind, not only about the men who made motorcycles but their vastly differing cultures and values.

From the acclaimed author of Perfect Roger and Hugo.

Due for release in 2022.



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