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Classic Jaguar

Fact-Based Storylines

Based on the same concept as Honda Turner, this series of articles published in Classic Jaguar magazine tell the story of the characters behind the historic Jaguar brand. Each story features illustrations by the highly talented Enar Shayatova.

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William Walmsley's Bentley

September 3rd 2021

From building Swallow motorcycle sidecars in 1921, to the Austin 7 Swallow car in 1927 and then the first SS cars in the early 1930's. The story of these years as told by one of the founders of the business, Mr William Walmsley.

Harry Weslake and the South-American Quadruped

November 3rd 2021

With assistance from stalwarts of the British motor industry including; Captain John Black, Harry Austin, William Morris etc, add an ace engine tuner, a feline predator that doesn't take prisoners and what have you got? The first SS Jaguar.

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