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Classic Motorcycle

Honda Turner bite-size extracts


Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa

June 1948

The two men who founded Honda Motor Co in 1948. Prior to this, Honda worked as a mechanic and started a business making piston rings which he sold to Toyota and started making motorcycle engines. Honda was the engineer, Fujisawa the commercial brain behind the company's massive growth.

Edward Turner (with Rita Hayworth)

August 1952

One of Britain's greatest engineering designers and friend of stage and screen greats. Pictured with Ms Hayworth on the back of one of his famous Speed Twin Triumphs on the lot of a Hollywood studio.


Kenzo Tada - Man on a Mission

June 1930

The first Japanese rider at the Isle of Man TT in 1930. The story of his 4-month overland journey and his determination to overcome all obstacles and compete with the best.

Meet the Dockers

September 1952

The man in charge of BSA, Britain's leading industrial conglomerate and largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The scene is St Tropez on their large yacht, Lady Docker has her heart set on a castle in Wales. There should be enough profit from the sale of BSA motorcycles to buy and renovate a measly castle, shouldn't there?

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